FSBO Readiness Quiz

Welcome to your FSBO Readiness Quiz

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What are the two most reliable ways to establish the price of your home?
What can the buyer do if the appraisal comes in lower than the agreed upon sale price?
The buyer is unable to obtain insurance because your home's roof has exceeded its life expectancy. How can you get this deal closed?
Why is it important to know how long an FHA appraisal is valid for?
Which type of loan is the likeliest to close?
What is an appraisal?
Can the buyer back out of the deal during the inspection period ?
The title company found a lien on your house for $15,000 dollars from the previous owner. What is the quickest way to remediate this and close the deal?
For how long is an FHA/VA appraisal valid?
What is a DU and who should you ask for one?

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