What is my home worth?

What is my home worth?

what-is-my-home-worthSo you are ready for a change and have decided to put your house up for sale. After making that initial decision, you will probably ask yourself "What is my home worth?".  This is one of the most important questions to consider after you have decided to list your home for sale.  The price at which you list your home for sale will determine how quickly you can sell your house and move into your new house. This is why it is important to work with a licensed Realtor that can help determine what your home is worth. If you are thinking of selling your home yourself, you may want to think twice.
Owners that choose to sell their houses themselves typically sell them for less according to a study by Collateral Analytics (2017).  And is that what you really want? To sell your home for less than what it is worth? Most likely it is not what you want.  Consider that while you may not be too keen on a Realtor's commission their professional assistance can be invaluable to you. In the long run you, the owner of the home, come out on top.

The Price is Right

The key to selling your home is to price it correctly. Houses that are priced too low will generate lots of attention but could also result in a sale below fair market value. Houses that are priced too high linger on the market and can become stale, making buyers wonder "What is wrong with it?". However, a house that is priced right will sell. An experienced Realtor will help you avoid these pitfalls and help you get the best price for your home.
So take the first step and fill out the form below to find out what your home is worth. Once you are done, let's talk about how what else I can do to help you sell your home.

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